Eco-Art Tourism

European guidebook for social-aware exacting tourists

Here we are… We… the “makers”.

We – young people who met up for a month of our lives at the magical Stacja Wolimierz to connect our passion for travel, for nature, ecology, art and teamwork and… finally we created this guidebook.

We are young and we are free… and this freedom can be expressed through the way we travel. We hope that traveling with this guidebook will bring you closer to places you are going to visit, to their culture, their people and their magnificent concepts for living. And we hope that this guidebook will be just the beginning of your adventure – an adventure of exploration, experience, feeling and learning from the places you visit. Yet “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”…


Please enjoy this guidebook as the beginning of a great adventure

Discover these eco-art tourism destinations in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia (countries belonging to the so called “Visegrad Four” – if you didn’t know) and Ukraine… and stay curious!

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